Welcome to Summit Park

About Our Product

Why does OUR ice cream taste so good?  Because Nanny Belle’s ice cream contains 10% butterfat. Per FDA regulations, 10% butterfat must be present in your product for your product to be called ice cream. So, Nanny Belle’s ice cream is REAL ice cream, just in soft-serve form.


Another plus is that our ice cream is made with real, fresh dairy from Ohio farms and from cows that are not treated with RBST.

About Us!

We LOVE ice cream. Our family LOVES ice cream. There are few things in life that evoke memories of warm, lazy summer days than lining up at the nearest soft-serve ice cream window, eagerly awaiting that dreamy taste of nostalgic heaven! It’s childhood in a waffle cone – every ooey gooey bite harkens back to days of playing outside from morning til dark, riding on bikes, and embarking on endless adventures.

It’s this passion for wholesome simplicity that inspired us to start our family-owned and operated business back in 2016. At that time, we made a commitment to sell only the finest luxury soft-serve ice cream on the market. After countless tastings, we found what we were searching for, the creamiest, best-tasting ice cream, and have been serving it ever since.

Besides having an awesome product, our customers are a priority. Great customer service is what we strive for. We focus on people; the ones that live in our neighborhood and the ones that visit here. Especially families. Nothing makes us happier than seeing multigenerational families come in together smiling, laughing, and enjoying a Nanny Belle’s treat. So, our wish for you is that you have the absolute best experience with each visit and every bite.

Peace, Love, and Ice Cream,

Jill and Brian