It’s Alive!

It’s Alive!

It has been a tough road. However, today we completed our first official day open for business. The shop turned out better than anyone could have hoped.IMG_8486IMG_8485IMG_8484IMG_9008

There were stumbling blocks along the way. Like the ice cream machine that may be depressed and only seems to consistently work if give it words of encouragement while simultaneously pressing the reset button.

Then there are stumbling blocks that are still on going. Like our inability to accept credit/debit cards currently. Nothing can put a damper on your opening like not being able to accept the most common form of payment. However, before I launch into a completely justified tirade on the credit card processing industry rest assured that this setback is only temporary and will be resolved  by the middle of the week. Which is unfortunately after the Fourth of July which is when we had always targeted to be open by.

Anyway, We are open and will be tomorrow and of course for the fourth. We will not be open on the fifth as the completely AWESOME Blue Ash Parks department puts the park back together after another spectacular Fourth of July. So, party on and enjoy the ice cream!



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